At the foundation of HübertHaus’ vision is the idea of building relationships between our company and our clients abroad. At HübertHaus, we consult our clients to understand their needs, wishes and ideas. We understand the schedule and budgetary requirements which are part of your project. To satisfy each project’s unique demand’s we involve our clients from the very beginning of the design process. To ensure each project’s success, we provide continuous personal service from the initial phases of the design project, through its completion and beyond.

HübertHaus Timberframes employs a team of highly skilled and dedicated specialist’s which apply many decades of heavy timber experience to create very unique and distinctive timberframe structures. By incorporating a traditional hand cut approach complimented with the Computerized Numerical Control (C.N.C) technology of our Krüsimatic G1, HübertHaus is able to craft timber frames with utmost precision and accuracy. Douglas fir, the main component used for our timber frame structures, is renowned for its versatility as well as its aesthetic appeal. Cedar, Pine, Spruce and other softwoods and hardwoods are also available upon request.

Our aim is to make the name HübertHaus Timberframes synonymous with quality and service in the North American Timberframe construction industry. By providing a beneficial service we will extend the personal statement made by the builder-owner directly into the entire project. We work closely with you to establish proper form, function and flow for your residential or commercial application.

Offering a full range of Design, Drafting and Engineering services, HübertHaus Timberframes design and drafting department can also work with clients from the planning stage to a complete set of permitted construction plans.