At HübertHaus Timberframes we invite you to be a part of our unique approach to the design and creation of the timberframe home.

Due to HübertHaus Timberframes being a small family run business we have the ability to put direct focus on the clients timberframe project by working directly with each client individually and not treating them as just a production number. By blending expertise in the techniques of communication, conceptualization, traditional design and build skills and modern timberframing, we create an all-inclusive design approach that ultimately reflects the individuality of each client.

HübertHaus Timberframes has served numerous clienteles from across the globe. With our design office in the heart of the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains, we have a very strong commitment to protect the environment through quality home design; this includes unique aesthetic design, sustainable design, a green approach to design and a full understanding of the ecological surroundings and terrain around each home project.

Specializing in developing home designs ranging from the modest cabin of 400 sqft through to the exceptional recreational home of 10,000 sqft or more, HübertHaus Timberframes can deliver full permit designs on time and on budget. Please feel free to contact us for more information and to further explore HübertHaus Timberframes as your custom home designer.