At HubertHaus Timberframes we offer a range of timberframe products and services for both residential and commercial construction projects. Working with your Architect, Engineer, Builder and/or Designer we will deliver a product and service that is guaranteed to be on time and to exceed expectations, resulting in a positive outcome for all involved.

Timberframe products offered are as follows:

  • Timber orders: Planed finish (standard), Circular sawn, or Band Sawn
  • Timber types: Douglas Fir (standard), Cedar, and Pine.
  • Timber grades: All timber is #1 or better.

Timberframe options:

  1. Kiln Dried (RF radio frequency)
  2. Kiln Dried (Vacuum Kiln)
  3. Standing Dead Douglas Fir, (limited supply)
  4. Reclaimed timbers (special order)
  5. Interior B.C. Douglas Fir (standard)
  6. Coastal Douglas Fir
  7. Cedar
  8. Gluelam
  9. 9.LVL "Laminated veneer Lumber"

Our timberframes are also used in many hybrid and decorative applications. We also at times integrate various log work into our frames. Ask us about our decorative gables, brackets and 2x6 T&G decking.